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Internal integrations: how to combine progress for specific goals
Internal integrations: how to combine progress for specific goals

Eg, propagate progress for specific KPIs, Key Results, or Initiatives.

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An internal integration is helpful if you wish to combine progress for certain goals. You can use internal integrations to propagate progress for KPI, Key Results, and Initiatives. You can use it to sum progress, calculate (global) averages, and much more!

What is an internal integration?

Imagine you have a global sales target which you're tracking as a KPI in Perdoo. You then have specific sales targets for different regions (eg, EMEA, North America) which you're also tracking as KPIs in Perdoo. Instead of updating the global sales KPI separately, you can automatically update it by summing the sales targets of the various regions.

If your EMEA region hit $2 million in sales and North America $3 million, the global sales KPI would then automatically show $5 million.

How to build an internal integration

  • Make sure all goals that you wish to integrate already exist within your Perdoo account.

  • If you haven't already, install the Perdoo GSheets Add-on.

    • Detailed instructions here.

  • Open the Google Sheets that you wish to use for the internal integration.

  • Connect the GSheet to your Perdoo account.

    • Detailed instructions here.

  • Import the goals for which you'd like to build an internal integration.

    • Detailed instructions here.

  • Set the Sync direction for the goals whose progress you wish to propagate up to Perdoo to GSheet. Set the Sync direction for the goal with the propagated progress to GSheet to Perdoo.

    • Back to our example: the Sync direction for the EMEA and North America sales KPI should be Perdoo to GSheet, and the Sync direction for the global sales KPI should be Gsheet to Perdoo.

  • Enable Auto-sync.

    • Detailed instructions here.

That's it!

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