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Do KPIs reset automatically?
Do KPIs reset automatically?
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KPIs don’t reset daily or weekly, for example, back to 0. The progress isn't automatic and won't change unless you manually input an update.

Therefore, it's also not possible to set automatic monthly resets of KPIs. You can, however, update your progress to zero at the beginning of each month via the update icon or the 3-dot menu > Update progress:

Reset KPI to zero by updating progress to 0 at beginning of every month

💡 Pro tip: KPIs, unlike OKRs do not operate in a defined timeframe and do not need to be duplicated. You can simply reset them based on how you monitor them (monthly, quarterly, or annually). This will keep your historical data in place and you can also view the POT graph based on the day, week, month, year, or as it happened.

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