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Why can I only mark certain Results as complete?
Why can I only mark certain Results as complete?
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In Perdoo, a Result can be either a Key Result or Initiative.

You can mark your Initiative as complete with one click: just go to the 3-dot menu and select Mark complete.

Marking your Initiative as complete updates the progress to 100% of the target. It doesn't change it to a complete status as well (you'll have to do that manually). However, once you reach your end value (target) and update the progress as such, the Initiative should no longer appear in Check-ins.

Mark Result as complete in menu

You can't close Key Results in the same way. Because Key Results are outcomes and not outputs, many of them are not linear. For that reason, you can achieve your Key Result one week but not the next. If you can complete your Key Result, consider if your Key Result is actually an Initiative.

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