If you can't see your Objective on the Roadmap, check a few common alignment errors:

  • If you aligned it to improve a KPI (check the What will this OKR do? options when editing the Objective), you won't see the Objective on the Roadmap. If you do want to see it then consider aligning it to an OKR or Strategic Pillar instead.

  • If it's an unaligned Objective, you won't find it on the Roadmap.

  • To create alignment you need to add a progression. For example, if you have a Strategic Pillar and a quarterly OKR, you need to add a timeframe in between, in this case an annual OKR. In that case, you would add an annual OKR, align the annual OKR to the Strategic Pillar, and then the quarterly OKR to the annual OKR, and so on.

* NOTE: Draft OKRs will be visible on your Roadmap.

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