The ability to reorder Objectives depends on the view. The order in the Map is:

  • Standard view: In alphabetical order by the Owner, in terms of Group name. Groups that start with A appear first. For instance, the order will be Customer Service, Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.

    Also important to note is that OKRs by Group appear in the Map from left to right from newest to oldest created. And Objectives per timeframe are ordered alphabetically by default.

  • Aligned view: By creation date, however you have the ability to reorder them. Objectives are ordered from left to right, newest to oldest created.

* NOTE: Strategic Pillars appear in the Map from left to right from oldest to newest created. You can drag and drop them to reorder Pillars. This same order will also be reflected in your Strategic Timeline (left-to-right in the Map = top-to-bottom in Strategic Timeline).

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