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How can I follow up on progress as a manager?
How can I follow up on progress as a manager?
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You can follow up on progress in three ways:

💡 Pro tip: Using Perdoo for performance reviews? Easily view a snapshot of an individual's progress by exporting their profile page and uploading it to your HR management system. First, select Show KRs & Initiatives (optional: filter Results by All Result types, Key Results only, or Initiatives only), then Print full page:

Export profile pages for performance reviews

All goals

Use All goals to create leaderboards or track progress per person over time and see who has Checked-in each week and who hasn't, so that you can automatically follow up.

1. First, pick a goal type via the tabs: Objectives, Results (includes both Key Results or Initiatives), or KPIs.

2. Next, use the Lead filter to find your direct report(s) or the Owner filter to find your teams:

Filter by Lead

3. Then in Customize, toggle Last updated and Last update comment:

Customize the columns you see by clicking the Last updated and Last update comment toggle

4. You can also export this information (top right) or save these reports for future reference. Just FYI: any saved report is visible to all users in the company.

Save a report in Custom Reports

Team page

Use the Check-ins tab on any team page to view all the Check-ins of each team member in one place:

Check-in tab on Group page


1. Make sure all your direct reports added you as their manager. They can do this through Personal settings (top-right corner) > Profile tab > Manager dropdown menu (or via People > My profile > Pencil icon by their name > Manager):

Update your manager via Personal settings > Profile tab > Manager dropdown menu

2. This will add a list of all your direct report on your Home screen, where you can see if they've Checked-in on their goals or not:

Direct reports on Home screen

3. Click on each one of your direct reports to see their profile. From there, you'll be taken to their Check-ins tab and can see all Check-ins they've submitted:

Check-in tab on user's profile page

4. Click on any goal they lead and use the Activity field to @mention the person and ask for an update.

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