To follow up on progress, use Custom Reports to filter by Result (Key Results or Initiatives) and then use the last updated column to see if it was updated or not.

Also, make sure all your direct reports added you as their manager. They can do this through Personal settings (top-right corner) > Manager or through My profile > Pencil icon by their name > Manager.

This will add a list of all your direct report on your Home screen, where you can see if they've Checked-in on their goals or not. You can then @mention the person and remind them to update their goals.

* NOTE: Only when you lead a Key Result or Initiative, do you see them on Check-ins.

Direct reports on Home screen

You can also click on each one of your direct reports to see their profile. From their you can see the Check-ins they've submitted. This page is really useful during 1:1s with that person.

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