An Objective's progress is measured by its Key Results only. Here's why:

An Objective should tell you where you want to go, and your Key Results will let you know if you've got there. Your Initiatives are then all the tasks and projects that you'll be doing to push your Key Results forward. You can think of Initiatives as hypotheses – the tasks and projects that could move the needle on your Key Results and help you achieve your outcome stated in the Objective. But ultimately, only the Key Results will tell you if you've achieved your Objective.

Key Results are weighted equally

If I have one Key Result that is at 100% progress, and two that are at 0% progress, my Objective progress will be 33% (average of the percentage progress of all 3 weighted equally). Weighting Key Results equally helps to boost transparency (everyone can see at a glance how progress for each Objective is calculated), reduces complexity, and removes the subjectivity of which Key Result each coworker might think is more important than the others.

What about aligned Objectives?

There's a difference between an aligned Objective and a Key Result. Whereas a Key Result is a metric that tells you whether you've achieved the associated Objective, an aligned Objective is another qualitative outcome that is supporting (but not affecting the progress) of your Objective. This aligned Objective will have its own set of Key Results, to measure progress on its own outcome set out in its title.

View progress of aligned Objectives on Roadmap

An Objective's Key Results define its progress, but progress on its aligned Objectives is an important data point to know that things are on the right track. One way to asses progress on aligned OKRs is the aligned Objectives tab.

Yet to see progress on the parent Objective? Maybe your aligned Objectives weren't the right ones. Perhaps your Objective's Key Results are lagged? Or did you simply choose not to define a Key Result for your parent Objective?

Roadmap also shows progress of aligned OKRs on each parent Objective

This helps you diagnose performance on Company priorities. By surfacing progress of Key Results as well as progress of aligned OKRs, Perdoo gives you full flexibility on how you measure success.

Aligned Objectives in Roadmap

Finally, to learn about the status indicators for Objectives and their Results (Key Results or Initiatives), read this article.

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