When you're busy working on goals, you often need a helping hand to catch the most important updates, stay informed, and boost your chances of achieving those goals. Your Feed contains these essential updates on the health of your goals, plus what's new in the Groups that you care about.

Found on your Home view, your Feed is a place to celebrate success and get relevant insights to be in on the action and achieve amazing results.

Whether it's informing you of a KPI that's turned unhealthy, or a Key Result making some awesome progress, your personalized Feed keeps you informed with timely updates. You can dive straight to the relevant goal to, for example, congratulate your coworkers for a job well done, or easily start a conversation on how to get things back on track.

Get the most out of your Feed

Your feed provides insights on activity in groups that you’re a part of and those that you’ve favorited.

If your feed is empty, that might be because you’ve not joined a group. Once your groups are setting goals, your Feed will start to populate with helpful insights.

Feed on Home page

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