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Jira integration

Update progress on Initiatives or Key Results with data from Jira.

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ℹ️ Available on Supreme.

The Perdoo Jira cloud integration helps agile tech teams to save time and stay on top of their OKRs. Seamlessly integrate Results in Perdoo (Initiatives or Key Results) and pieces of work in Jira Cloud (eg Issues, Epics) to guarantee always-updated goals and anticipate challenges early on.

When creating or editing a Result in Perdoo, simply pick the Jira Epic, Story, Task or Bug that should update the value of the Result. Setup is lightning fast, and Perdoo will then directly link the metrics to update your OKRs and Initiatives.

Set up the Jira integration

There are 2 steps to set up the Jira integration. In a couple of minutes, you'll have a Result in Perdoo linked to the work you're doing in Jira. Let's go!

Step 1. Enabling the Jira integration

Note: only Superadmins can enable the integration. But once enabled, all users can link Results to items in Jira.

To enable the Jira integration, go to Configure > Integrations tab > Jira.

Step 2. Linking a Result to a JQL Query or individual Jira issue

With the integration enabled, all users can now link Results' (Initiatives or Key Results) progress to work that's being tracked in Jira.

When creating the Result, go the Advanced Options within the Result's modal and click on the Integration dropdown to select Jira. If you've already created the Result, you can find the Integration section in the right side panel. Then in the Jira issue field search for the issue that is going to be linked to the Result or enter a JQL Query.

For JQL Queries, the count of issues that your query returns is displayed when you enter your query and is what will be used to determine the value of the Results - and so progress here is based on what is filtered. We have a couple options below.

Another example, we have a Result linked to the number of open bugs (the query is fetching the count of bugs that aren't marked as done).

If you select an Individual Issue, you can now select the relevant 'Track progress by' method for the Result linked.

⚠️ An issue can be an Epic, Story, Task, or Bug

It can be one of the following three. Note, that the progress method you are able to select is dependent on the issue type selected.

  • Issue status: when an issue is marked as "Done" in Jira, the Result's progress will be 100%. Progress is binary. This can be used for all issue types.

  • Epic progress by issues completed: progress is measured as % by calculating the number of issues completed divided by the total number of issues available. This progress method can only be applied for epics.

  • Epic progress by story points completed: progress is measured as % by calculating the number of story points completed divided by the total number of story points available. This progress method can only be applied for epics.

The Jira integration runs automatically at 1AM CET each day.

Troubleshooting the Perdoo Jira integration

The status of your integration is always shown on the integration page, with a green 🟢 or red dot 🔴 . If your dot is showing red, there is a problem with the integration, likely caused by the connection to the Jira API. There are two potential reasons for this:

  1. Jira is down: we'd recommend checking the Jira status page.

  2. API token expired: for example, the user left the company and the account was removed from Jira.


  • Also, if you change the status of your Jira issue back to In Progress, it will not revert the Result's status in Perdoo.

If this does not help with resolving the status of your Perdoo Jira integration, please contact our Support Team by emailing or starting a chat at the bottom-right of your screen.

Need help?

Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email

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