Jira is a project management tool built by Atlassian and used frequently in agile software development. If you’re using Jira Cloud, Data Center, or Server, you can automatically update progress on your goals in Perdoo with data from Jira.

This uses our Google Sheets integration to link Perdoo to your Jira instance. If you don’t have the Perdoo Google Sheets integration set up, send us an email at support@perdoo.com or via the in-app chat. We‘ll then activate this for your account.

There are two steps to setting up this integration. First we’ll choose which goal(s) we’d like to update automatically with data from Jira. Then we’ll set up the data to sync from Jira.

1. Choosing which goals to update

1. Click on the goal (KPI, Key result, or Initiative) you wish to integrate.

2. From the URL, copy the ID located after /kpi/, /kr/ or /i/

3. Open your Google Sheet.

4. Copy the ID to the ID column.

5. In the Type column, add which type of goal it is ('kpi', 'keyresult', or 'initiative')

Step 2: Pulling data from Jira

Now you’ll just need to pull the value of that goal from a separate sheet within this spreadsheet, which you’ll create using one of the following options:

Jira Data Center

If you’re using Jira’s dedicated server or an on-premise instance, use this integration from Atlassian’s marketplace. It offers extensive documentation, so we won’t repeat that here. Once you’ve got your value into a separate sheet within the above spreadsheet, simply use a formula to copy it over to your first sheet. Perdoo will then start syncing that value to your goal.

Jira Cloud

If you’re using Jira Cloud, follow these steps:

1. Once you have access to your Google Sheet, go to Add-ons>Get addons, and install the Jira Cloud for Sheets add-on.

2. Run through the installation and the permissions that the add-on requires.

3. Once installed, create a new sheet in this spreadsheet. Head to this new sheet.

4. Go to Add-ons and open the Jira Cloud for Sheets add-on.

5. Click “Get issues from Jira.”

6. Choose how you would like to fetch the issue from Jira. You can stick to Basic, or use a custom Google Sheets function =JIRA() to query Jira from a cell in a spreadsheet. Read how to use that custom function here.

7. Run through the wizard, and select the fields that should be pulled from Jira into your sheet. You can use one of these fields to update the value of the initiative in Perdoo, or you might like to combine fields to base your Initiative progress on a formula – it’s super flexible 👍

8. Finally, you can schedule how often this data should refresh, or choose to refresh it manually. Remember: Perdoo will sync the data once per day from the Google Sheet.

9. Once you have your issue (or issues) and its value in this second sheet, just create a formula to copy that value over to the first sheet. Perdoo will start syncing that value to your goal automatically.

That’s it! Perdoo will now update your goal once a day (between 2-3 am CET), with the number in the corresponding Value column.

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