Groups are the way to organize your goals in Perdoo. Sometimes, it can be helpful to nest certain groups. For example, if you have different groups for your content marketing, performance marketing, and SEO goals, you may want to nest these under a parent Marketing group.

You can view all the nested groups from the parent group’s Subgroups tab. From this tab, you can drill down into each subgroup to view its goals. This can help, for example, the Head of Marketing or CMO to get a quick but reliable overview of how all the Marketing goals are performing.

On the company page, you’ll find all the top-level groups on the "Groups" tab. This is great for the CEO and anyone else who wants to get a high-level overview of how different areas of the business (eg, Sales, Finance, Product) are performing. At Perdoo, we also use the company’s Groups tab in our monthly all-hands meetings. This keeps us all literally on the same page during the meeting, and avoids us having to click around (which is good to avoid in all-hands meetings).

To view a group’s subgroups, just head to the parent group’s page, and click on the “Subgroups” tab.

How to create subgroups in Perdoo

To assign a group as a subgroup of a parent group, you first need to create all groups and subgroups. Only admins and superadmins can create groups.

To link a subgroup, you need to be a member of the parent group, an admin, or a superadmin.

Once you’ve created your groups, you can easily link your subgroup to your main group by following these steps:

  • Go to the parent group’s page. Under “Company & Groups” in the left-hand navigation, select “All groups.”
  • On the Groups page, select the parent group to which you want to connect a subgroup.
  • Next to the group’s name at the top of the page, click the pencil icon to edit the group.
  • In the modal, scroll down and expand “Advanced Options”
  • In the “Subgroups” field, search for and select your subgroup.
  • Click “Submit” to save your changes.

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