On September 2019 we released our newest feature called Roadmap which enables organizations to have a full overview of their goals. With the introduction of Roadmap, we're also introducing cadences which define how frequently you set OKRs. Cadences are a series a timeframes that work together  to create a rhythm of continuous and focused progress.

For customers that joined Perdoo before July 2019 and that work with standard, annual and quarterly OKRs, we automatically migrated you to our new cadences but for those that use different cadences additional setup might be required.

If you're currently not seeing some of your OKRs in Roadmap, you most likely have a custom cadence which you'll have to manually create.

To create a custom cadence and tie them to your existing timeframes:

  1. Click on Roadmap
  2. Click on Add cadence
  3. Select Type: Custom
  4. Add Name
  5. Add Start date
  6. Add number for "Reset every"
  7. Verify the Timeframe formula and edit if needed
  8. Select all Timeframes that fall into this cadence (past or present)
  9. Press Submit

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