Company OKRs are about providing direction as to where you want the Company to be at by the end of a specific timeframe (top-bottom), and letting teams decide how they'll make that happen (bottom-up). 

Company OKRs are usually annual and sit right below either your mission & vision or your strategic OKRs (only if you've added the strategic layer under your mission & vision).

The first thing you need to add to Perdoo is the Objective. Keep in mind that only superadmins can add, edit and update them. 

When formulating your Company Objectives:

  • Be sure they can be influenced by most of the organization
  • Use inspirational language 
  • Make them relatable/understandable

To add a Company Objective:

  1. From the cadence, click on +Add Objective
  2. Add a Name
  3. Add answers to Why is it important? and Why is it urgent?
  4. Select the Company as the Owner
  5. Select a Lead (usually the CEO or other C-level executive)
  6. The timeframe will pre-populate based on the cadence
  7. Press Submit

*Note: Advanced Options include the opportunity to select Aligned to Objective and Tags. 

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