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Is Key Result progress above 100% counted in Objective success?
Is Key Result progress above 100% counted in Objective success?
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We understand that sometimes you may outperform your Key Result target — that's great! 

If we recall, an Objective's success is a based on:

  • the performance of the Key Result(s) by default (see this article for more options)

  • and progress is weighted equally between the respective Key Results (please note that any negative values will be treated as 0% in the weighting process)

Because of this, it's important that the impact of a Key Result's progress be capped at 100% so that it doesn't falsely distort the integrity of the outcome.

For instance, if you have 2 Key Results, one has 0% progress and the other has 200%, that would translate into an average of 100% and mean that your Objective has been achieved. Capping it at 100% more appropriately represents the reality of achieving one of your Key Results and shows that your Objective progressed 50%:

Progress of KRs with KR capped at 100% progress

* NOTE: Initiatives are not calculated into an Objective's progress. Key Results are marked with a blue icon, Initiatives are marked by a green icon.

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