A KPI, Key Performance Indicator, is an outcome-based tracking mechanism that defines which results your Business As Usual is required to accomplish.

While it's recommended to update OKRs on a weekly basis, if you've added KPIs to Perdoo we suggest that you update their value monthly. This will help you monitor that things are running smoothly and to take immediate action when necessary. 

At Perdoo we typically have a monthly all hands meeting where we share OKR progress as well as status on our KPIs. We especially focus on those that are below the desired target sharing the insights we found and the possible solution to get it back on track. During this time, we also discuss if we need to shift our focus on fixing that KPI for the remaining time of the quarter.

To update KPIs:

  1. Go to the profile where the KPI you wish to update has been added (Company or Group)
  2. Hover over the KPI and click on the menu (3 dots on the right)
  3. Select Update progress
  4. Add the New value
  5. Add any relevant notes un Description
  6. Click Submit

If you'd like your update to be reflected on a past date, click on advanced options and choose a date. The date can't be older than the date of your last update.

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