Strategy is a difficult concept to explain but in very simple terms, you could say it's a bunch of decisions that you take to remain competitive, cost-effective, etc. As explained by our CEO, "It boils down to being a long term plan for how to realize your ultimate ambition."

Adding your Strategy as OKRs in Perdoo, will help:

a. Make the strategy user friendly. Creating Strategic OKRs will force you to make them more specific and measurable.

b. Explain how you're planning to achieve your ultimate goal (mission & vision)

c. Stay focused. Strategic OKRs outline the path you're taking towards success. Having a constant reminder of that path, will ensure that year after year, you take the right steps towards the finish line.

Need inspiration? Check out our OKR + KPI Example Library.

To add Strategic OKRs to Perdoo, first make sure you have the right cadences configured. We recommend using a 3 or 5 year cadence.

A. First, Add the Objective

  1. Go to Roadmap
  2. From the long term cadence, click on +Add Objective (or the plus sign on the right)
  3. Under Name, add your Strategic Objective
  4. Add a thorough description to make it easier to understand.
  5. Verify the Company is marked as the Owner
  6. Select the CEO as the Lead
  7. Confirm that the selected Timeframe is the correct one
  8. Add tags to classify your Objective (optional)
  9. Click Save or Save & Add Result (if you're ready to add a Key Result or Initiative)

B. Add Key Results

OKR consists of an Objective, which defines the goal to be achieved, and Key Results, which measure progress towards the Objective. Adding Key Results to your Strategic OKRs will help you remove ambiguity and specify what success really means to you.

Key Results:
-Are outcomes
-Are something you achieve
-Quantify the Objective
-Challenging, but not impossible

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