Strategy is a difficult concept to explain but in very simple terms, you could say it's a bunch of decisions that you take to remain competitive, cost effective, etc. As explained by our CEO, "It boils down to being a long term plan for how to realize your ultimate ambition".

Adding your Strategy as OKRs in Perdoo, will help:

  1. Make the strategy user friendly. Creating Strategic OKRs will force you to make them more specific and measurable. 
  2.  Explain how you're planning to achieve your ultimate goal (mission & vision)
  3. Stay focused. Strategic OKRs outline the path you're taking towards success. Having a constant reminder of that path, will ensure that year after year, you take the right steps towards the finish line.

To add your Strategic OKR to Perdoo, you first need to create a timeframe.

  1. Click on Configure
  2. Select Timeframe
  3. Click on Add Timeframe
  4. Name your Timeframe Strategic
  5.  Select your dates. Add an end date 3-5 years into the future
  6. Make this available on Company level only (no group should add OKRs in this timeframe)

Then create your Objective in the Company profile.

  1. Click on Company 
  2. On the OKR section, click on the plus sign to Add an Objective (right side)
  3. Under name, add your Strategic Objective and click Next
  4. Make sure Company level is selected
  5. Select the CEO as the OKR lead and click Next
  6. In the alignment step, select the mission & vision timeframe and then select the Objective.
  7. Click Next
  8. Under Timeframe, select the one you created called Strategic
  9. Click on Done

Your Mission & Vision will sit at the top of you map, followed by your Strategic OKRs. It will create a hierarchy like this:

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