Once you have set up your mission & vision, configured your timeframes and created a timeframe for your strategy, it's time to create your first Strategic OKRs.

If you're on one of our Coaching Programs, your Coach will help you convert your existing strategy into crystal-clear OKRs that accurately reflect your intentions.

Step 1: Learn how to write great OKRs

Writing great OKRs is a whole art at itself. Our popular ebook How to write great OKR offers a great start!

Furthermore, in the Resources section on our website you'll find plenty of example OKRs (though these don't contain any strategic examples).

Step 2: Add your first Strategic Company OKR

  • Click on Company in the left sidebar
  • Click on +  in the section called OKR
  • Follow the steps in the wizard
  • Align your Strategic OKRs to your mission & vision
  • Make sure to add Key Results to your Strategic Objectives


Your Perdoo account should now look similar to this:

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