At Perdoo, we believe that all the OKRs that you will be creating should help the organization realize its mission & vision. That’s why we take your mission & vision as the starting point for working with our solution.

If you want to learn more about the importance of having a clear mission & vision and to communicate this across your organization, have a look at this article.

Step 1: Create a special timeframe for your Mission & Vision

  • Go into Configure and select the Timeframes tab
  • Click on + Add Timeframe
  • Label this timeframe Mission & Vision
  • Set the End Date 20-30 years into the future
  • Make this Timeframe only available to the Company


Step 2: Add your mission & vision

  • Click on Company in the left sidebar
  • Click on + in the section called OKR. This opens the Add Objective wizard.
  • Add your mission & vision
  • Make it a Company-level Objective and set yourself as the Lead
  • Skip the Alignment step by clicking on Skip in the bottom-right corner.
  • Set the Timeframe to 'Mission & Vision’

It's not mandatory to create Key Results for your mission & vision.

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