Delegating specific parts of your OKRs to your teammates is just as important as any other delegation process in your organization. It will help you set the right expectations from the beginning for those participating in the program and will communicate to the rest of the organization who is responsible for what. 

To delegate responsibilities you can:

  1. Make someone the Lead of an Objective
  2. Assign someone as the Lead of a Key Result
  3. Give ownership to one or several people for an Initiative

The OKR Owner is the group who holds the main responsibility of accomplishing the OKR at the end of the timeframe. 

The OKR Lead is the single individual who is responsible for driving and organizing all the efforts needed to achieve the desired results. The OKR lead is typically a Group's Team Lead and is usually responsible for:

  • Assigning Key Result Lead (when applicable)
  • Ensuring the the right Initiatives are being added and completed
  • Conducting weekly or biweekly meetings to review progress and areas of opportunity
  • Providing an update to leadership on the Objective's progress¬†

Objective Lead

  1. Click on the menu icon for the Objective you wish to delegate
  2. Select Edit Objective
  3. Delete the current Lead
  4. Type the new Lead
  5. Click Submit

Key Result Lead

  1. Click the menu icon for the Key Result you'd like to delegate
  2. Select Edit Key Result
  3. Search and select the person who will be the Key Result Lead
  4. Click Submit

Initiative Owner(s)

Individual(s) accountable for completing the projects that will push Key Results forward.

  1. Click the menu icon for the Initiative you'd like to delegate
  2. Select Edit Initiative
  3. Search and select the person or people who will be the Initiative Owner(s)
  4. Click Submit

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