One of the big steps you take when working with OKRs is shifting your thought process from outputs to outcomes. While the Objective tells you where you want to go, Key Results give you feedback as to whether or not you're getting there. 

Although creating OKRs is a tough process at the beginning, believe it or not, staying on top of the actual execution is where most people drop the ball.

Keep your Key Results up to date (no matter what)

Progress on Initiatives is obviously important because they push progress on your Key Results. If your Initiatives aren't moving the needle, you've got to stop, rethink and take a decision as to what to do next. The only way you'll know this is if you actually update progress on your Key Results. 

There's 2 aspects you'll update progress: value and status. The value represents how much you've progressed towards your target and status. It's a traffic light indicator that shows how confident you feel of achieving your results.

Even if your value has not moved, update the Key Result status. This will highlight what needs to be discussed during OKR check-ins.

Document your updates

Provide context. Anyone who goes through your update history should understand where you're at. 

  • Why has the value moved forward?
  • Are your Initiatives proving to be the right ones?
  • How confident do you feel about achieving these results?
  • If you're not confident, why aren't you? What are the blockers?
  • What have you learned at this point of time?
  • What actions are you going to take next?

Update Key Results every week

A frequently asked question is how often should Key Results be updated. The answer is weekly. As mentioned before, even if the value hasn't moved, you should still be updating the status. You also want to make sure this is updated for your OKR check-ins to quickly identify where discussions should circle around. 

Cross reference with Initiatives

At the end of the day, you create Initiatives to support progress of Key Results. When updating Key Results, check how the progress has been impacted by the Initiatives supporting it, this will help you determine if you're on the right track or need to take a step back.

To update Key Results:

  1. Find the Key Result you wish to update and hover over it
  2. Click on the graph icon on the right
  3. Update the value
  4. Select the status
  5. Document your learnings in the description box
  6. Click Submit

You can also find any Key Results assigned to you from your profile:

You can find a full list of all Key Results added in Perdoo from the OKRs option on the left navigation menu. By clicking on the Key Result, a side panel will open where you can also update progress.

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