Adding Groups is an opportunity to involve the entire organization and transparently share what's being worked on across teams. 

A Group in Perdoo can be a team or department, depending on your org chart. 

Creating a Group in Perdoo means that you are opening a space for a team or department to add and update OKRs and KPIs. 

If you have these layers, make sure to be consistent across the entire organization and apply the same criteria for what you consider a department vs. what you consider a team. 

To create a Group:

  1. Click on Configure
  2. Select Groups
  3. Click on Add Group
  4. Add a Name
  5. Select a Group Type
  6. Add a Group Lead
  7. Add Group Members (Only Group members and Admins will be able to add OKRs to this Group)
  8. Click Submit

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