OKR consists of an Objective, which defines the goal to be achieved, and Key Results, which measure progress towards the Objective. If Objectives tell you where to go, Key Results are like the GPS that tell you what you need to achieve to get there. Try to add 2-3 Key Results per Company Objective.

Objectives tend to be more inspirational and can mean different things to different organizations, therefore Key Results will help you make it specific and most importantly, quantifiable. 

Once you've added the Company Objective to Perdoo, add Key Results as follows:

  1. Go to the Company tab
  2. On the Objective you'd like to add a Key Result to, click on the menu icon on the right
  3. Select Add Key Result
  4. Add the the Key Result Name
  5. Select a Metric unit
  6. Add Start and End values
  7. Select a Key Result Lead
  8. Click Submit

Note: Keep in mind that only superadmins can add, edit and update progress on Company Key Results.

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