Working with OKRs is a collective effort that helps both the organization and teams achieve great results, but achieving great results is not possible without the skills and dedication of individuals.

When OKRs are created, responsibilities are distributed and assigned to individuals. In Perdoo, you can:

  1. Lead KPIs
  2. Contribute to Lead an OKR
  3. Lead Key Results
  4. Contribute to or Lead Initiatives

When you've been assigned to any of these options, they are automatically added to your personal profile to make it easier to manage them. It's important that you stay on top of your responsibilities to leverage progress.

-What's the status of the Initiatives I own?
-Are initiatives pushing Key Result progress?
-How confident am I that the Key Result I lead will be accomplished?
-Are we still working on the right things or should we reconsider?

Although OKRs are hosted in the Group profiles, it's easier to focus if you have a space where you can easily manage your own responsibilities. Reduce unnecessary noice by using your profile to update progress and status on Key Results and Initiatives. Your profile is an overview of how you're doing, it helps hold yourself accountable.

  1. Timeframe. Timeframes indicate the frequency in which you set OKRs and when you need to deliver results by. By clicking here you can select the period that you want to see your responsibilities for. When you login, the all active timeframes will always be selected by default.
  2. Timeline. Chronological list of actions you've taken on Perdoo. (ie. created an OKR)
  3. This menu will allow you to reduce the noise even further. All will display the things you're responsible for in full context of the OKR it belongs to. Objectives will only show OKRs you lead. Key Results will show the list of the ones you lead and Initiatives a list of all the projects you lead or contribute to.

This list will quickly help you understand where you're at and do quick updates without having to navigate to the Group profile. 

You can also click on Objectives, Key Results and Initiatives to open the side panel and get full context or leave comments on the timelines.

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