A Strategic Objective lives between your mission & vision and annual Company Objectives. They usually have an horizon of 3-5 years, and their purpose is to communicate your long-term plan for how to realize your mission & vision. This is helpful because plenty of strategic decisions take multiple years to implement successfully (which is why they’re classified as strategic).

On the one hand Strategic Objectives connect Company Objectives spread out over different years and make them part of a bigger plan, on the other hand they allocate resources for multiple years and enable you to plan several years ahead.

To set up your strategy, first create a special timeframe for it:

  • Go into Configure and select the Timeframes tab
  • Click on + Add Timeframe
  • Label this timeframe, for instance, Strategy 2019-2021
  • Add the corresponding Start and End Date
  • Make this Timeframe only available to the Company

Then add your first Strategic Company OKR:

  • Click on Company in the left sidebar
  • Click on +  in the section called OKR
  • Follow the steps in the wizard:
  • Add your Strategic Company OKR
  • Make it a Company-level Objective and set yourself as the Lead
  • Skip the Alignment step by clicking on Skip in the bottom-right corner.
  • Set the Timeframe to 'Strategy 2019-2021’

Strategic OKRs should have Key Results!

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