OKR consists of an Objective, which defines the goal to be achieved, and Key Results, which measure progress towards the Objective. If Objectives tell you where to go, Key Results are what you need to achieve to get there. It's not only important that Key Results have a number to be measurable, but that they are the best way to validate the success of your Objective. 

When adding Key Results for an Objective, ensure that they are:

  • Measurable
  • Within circle of influence 
  • Challenging, but not impossible
  • Specific
  • Time bound 

To add Key Results to your team OKRs:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click on your Group
  2. Click on the menu icon for the Objective you wish to add a Key Result
  3. Select Add Key Result
  4. Add the Key Result Name 
  5. Add a Metric and a Metric unit
  6. Add Start and End values
  7. Search and select the person who will be the Key Result Lead
  8. Click Submit

Note: You can also add Key Results from My profile and on the Objective details page.

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